Sustainable Living

Offering Sustainable Living Options

Building a new property affords you the freedom to determine exactly what materials and techniques will be used. This could be a timber frame construction, or something more conventional.

By starting a project from scratch, you can vastly improve the energy performance of your home compared with standard Building Regulations. Saving you money and helping the environment

Sustainable Living

We are passionate about incorporating a sustainable approach into our projects. From renewable energies options to rainwater harvesting systems. Energy efficient windows & glazing. Extensive insulation, to mechanical heat recovery units & smart home controls.


We all have an obligation to reduce our Carbon footprint. Modern building methods & renewable energies allow AC Rice Contracts to be at the forefront of providing sustainable living for our clients. As part of our core values, we strive to provide cost effective solutions while enhancing the energy performance of our homes compared to standard building regulations. Over time saving you money & the environment.

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